Tooth Man Found in Candy Ended Up Being His Own

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Robert Galvan from Almond, Wisconsin found a tooth in his Snickers, only to later discover it was his own.

Robert Galvan from Almond, Wisconsin was indulging his 3 Snickers-a-Day habit when he found something that nearly put him off of the candy for good.

It was a human tooth and he believed it had been lodged somewhere in his peanut-y and chocolatey goodness.

He was horrified and the local media was alerted.

Galvan told reporters that he was deeply concerned about contracting a disease as a result of consuming the tainted snack.

He also said that finding had put the brakes on his ability to enjoy his beloved treat.

Galvan described being at home, sitting in front of a plate filled with cut-up Snickers – he had to make sure there wasn’t a foreign object in that one, too – and unable to take a bite.

The smell of the candy was drawing him in, but the memory was stopping him from eating it.

Days later, Galvan went to the dentist. It was then that he learned the offending human tooth he found in his Snickers was, in fact, his own.

He was told that a piece of one of his teeth had broken off when he bit into the bar.