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    End of Crisis - "Confluence" A BlankTV World Premiere!


    by BlankTV

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    End of Crisis - "Confluence" A BlankTV World Premiere!

    Artist city, country: Montreal, Canada

    Artist Biography: To suffer is to survive, and few young hardcore units are as bound to this cold truth than the resilient Canadian act End of Crisis. Having been forced to endure the tragic loss of guitarist Tonny Grondin while on tour in late 2010, what could have resulted in the group's immediate disbanding instead fuelled the band's resolve to forge ahead, honouring their fallen brother by carrying on his vision for End of Crisis, an important cornerstone of Montreal's tightly-knit hardcore scene.

    Vocalist JP Charlebois laments Grondin's passing: "To see your bandmate die at the age of 20 makes you realize a lot of things. Sometimes we wish he would still be here but what can we do?"

    With the typical lifespan of hardcore bands predictably short, the band's future is understandably not written in stone. But the profound wisdom gained by its remaining members has set the tone for even deeper meaning to their music than before; concepts of hope, destiny, inevitability of change and the need to adapt, among other existentialist reflections, are all subjects to be explored by End of Crisis with their new material.

    Already champions of the live circuit for years following the 2009 release of their "For Better Days" EP, the unshakeable End of Crisis have completed the writing process for their forthcoming debut full-length, which the band is currently recording in their hometown of Montreal, Quebec. Fuelled by the utmost rage, sincerity, and positivity, the as-yet-untitled record can be previewed via the appropriately-titled new track "Heart & Soul," available for listening via the band's presskit and social media profiles. Expect more tracks to emerge as they are recorded in the months to come.

    About The Video: Confluence is about trying to escape a world where nothing is there for you. Trying to merge different forces to become a better person.
    Searching for a better reality that does not exist.
    Song: Produce, mixed, mastered by Bird Wazo
    Story & Script : Francis Descroix
    D.O.P: Clodérik Paquette
    Editing/Effects: Gabriel de Cambra & JP Charlebois
    Artistic Director: Marie-Ève Sheldeur
    Actors: Nicolas Descroix,Sophie De Muynck
    Assistants: Jean-Simon Roy, Gabriel De Cambra

    Director Name: JP Charlebois
    Director Link:
    Producer Name: EOC & CAMRAW PRODS
    Producer Link:

    Artist Website:

    Label Name: INDEPENDANT

    Song Lyrics: I gotta be honest don't tell me how, I'll show you how/ there's no more time to pretend right now, right fucking now/ I never thought, I never thought, it would come to this point. I will reshape, I will be reshaped into something I'm not sure of (Chorus) Coming from different currents, we end up becoming one/ Merging our common forces will make us stand as one / It's been too long that I am fighting alone/ This negativity commands every single part of my body/ As it turns out, these struggles we're trying to conquer are harder than we expected / I now scream my heart out and wave a flag for help/ I can't continue like this. (Chorus) Coming from different currents, we end up becoming one/ Merging our common forces will make us stand as one / It's been too long that I am fighting alone/ Let's fuse our essences to become something greater, where we can all flourish together. Where we flourish as one. (CONFLUENCE) Will you reach this way, or will you slowly fade away? / Why would I give all I have to a world that has never given back ? Will you reach this way or will you slowly fade away ? (x3)... Confluence (x3).


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