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    Student of the Day Punjabi Spoken Word Johny Hans


    by JohnyHans

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    Student life is same in India and Canada . Basic is still the same, the person who has the money is powerful . In India Students have to bear the step motherly treatment from college authorities
    if they ask for reduction in Fees or inability to pay fees,donations or extra bucks for what , is their basic right . Education is very expensive in North America(Canada and USA) .A lot of immigrant students could not afford expensive universities . International students can't even think about hefty fees of a University . "Roti khaan joge paise masi kamaa hunde , feesan kitho de deni ...." . Not only for Indian students , high rates for university fees is big concern in Canadian colleges and universities . Montreal students are still fighting against rising college fees .Butcher governments are same in India and Canada . Only difference is in the perceptions ...DONATION , BRIBE, BIG NAMES, HIGHER DEGREES is mere an illusion in the world .....