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    Britney Spears New Ballad Song "Perfume" Gets Personal


    by ClevverMusic

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    Britney Spears reveals her emotional side in "Perfume"
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    Britney Spears releases new ballad track "Perfume" off upcoming album "Britney Jean"! Hey Britney Army what a fantastic day it is here at ClevverMusic, thanks for watching. Britney Spears dropped her second Britney Jean album single on Facebook, a lovely smelling song called "Perfume". The mid tempo ballad is much different from the first single "Work Bitch" and reminds us of her former hit "Everytime". We like that Brit's switching it up from her recent EDM songs like "Scream & Shout" for a tender track, that seems to go perfectly with the new album's "personal" tone that Brit has promised us. "Perfume" is all about a relationship's vulnerability and common insecurities. Britney sings in the opening verse to a sparkling piano, "Oh I hate myself, and I feel crazy/ Such a classic tale/ Current girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, I'm trying to be cool/ Am I being paranoid, am I seeing things?/ Am I just insecure?" It's so cool to see Britney singing such personal lines that we can all relate to. I love the chorus for the honesty, "And while I wait I put on my perfume, yeah I want it all over you/ I gotta mark my territory". Yup, make no mistake fellas every girl wants to mark her man. The tender tune was co-written by Britney herself along with Sia and produced by Britney revealed the seductive "Perfume" artwork over the weekend, seeing another topless close up of Britney with the word "Perfume" written in lipstick. Britney has told E! News why the song is so special to her, "...the story is relatable to everyone...everyone's been through an insecure moment in a relationship..." Yup, we have to agree with that. We can't wait to see this play out in a music video, no word yet on when that is coming. The "Britney Jean" album releases December 3 and is available for preorder now. Thanks for watching Britney Army! Tell us what you think of the song and watch more music news right here. I'm Misty Kingma thanks for hanging with Clevvermusic. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!