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    Pixar Cars2 Video, Secret Agent Mater,Rescuing the Pope ! Awesome Episode !


    by ianmacdon

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    Please subscribe to our videos, and thanks for watching. In this video, it is like part 2 of the Kidnapping of Mater in the previous Episode. No one can understand why Mater was kidnapped by the evil lemons Sir Miles Axelrod and Professor Z. These cars are all from Disney's Pixar Cars and Cars2 .
    It turns out that when Mater was accidentally turned into a secret agent by Finn McMissile, and Holly Shiftwell , they continued to use Mater so solve mysteries around the world.
    Mater uses his morphing skills to sneak into the secret hiding place the the kidnapped Pope is being held.

    Please watch it all the way through , it is only 5 minutes long, and also, follow the links to my channel and watch more great Cars and cars2 videos. Please share this with your friends.
    Thanks again.