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    Kinder Egg Surprise , Magical Kinder Egg Seeds grows Pixar Cars Eggs


    by ianmacdon

    21 414 views
    Hi everyone, please subscribe to our videos, and thanks for watching. Today's video we used magic to grow our own Kinder Eggs, with the help of Pixar Cars Screaming Banshee, we planted seeds in a bowl ( actually M&M's ) and turned off the lights and waited to see what would happen. The magic happened when we saw 4 new Kinder Egg Surprises...and each had a picture of a Car from Disney's Pixar Cars .
    We opened each one and discovered a tiny replica of a Cars from Pixar Cars 2. Grem, Luigi with headset, Francesco Bernoulli, and Holly Shiftwell.
    They each had a small set of stickers .
    Thanks for watching and please watch it all the way, it has a great ending. Remember to like and share the video with friends on Facebook.