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    The Drug Dealer | Imran Vasanwala


    by Emrizi

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    You probably wont get the story. So watch the video first, then read this post, then watch the video again. The guy in red (we'll call him I1) he's an undercover cop and he's planning to arrest this one stranger (I2) who stands on the bridge everyday and waits for his victims, so he can sell illegal drugs & guns to them. The cop dresses up as a teen-age boy & plays a breaking up act with his gf, to spy on the f***ing stranger. After buying a gun & drugs from the stranger, it was confirmed that he has the guy. Then it's plain and simple he literally goes up to him in his cop car (Nissan Sentra) and arrest his ass on the spot. Enjoy I made this for my COM class, about Gun Control. Just watch the video like it, comment under it, and plz plz plz share it, thank you :)