The Raw Dog Food Diet Yes Or No

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  • Add to - visit the web site for three free ebooks about dog health related issues. In this short video we take a brief look at some of the pros and cons of the raw dog foot diet. You may find it helpful if you are considering it for your dog.

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A clear YESSS! Since more than 5 years. My dog that never saw a vet except for neutering and the mandatory shots. Since more than 5 years of raw feeding he never had a tick, flea or a worm even without any prophylaxis. His teeth are healthy and white and he is healthy, active and in good shape.

Got a second dog 1.5 years ago. When I got her there was serious digestive trouble and her teeth were one big mess. After starting pretty much immediately with raw feeding for her too her digestion became fine, her teeth are white and all but one are nice again, that one was already too badly damaged. My dogs coats are shiny,their ears are clean and they smell good even in the rain.

About time, costs and work:

Yes, wayyy more time and work, like with yourself or your kids - if you feed the whole family day in day out with industrial produced dry kibbles from a bag with expiring date 6 month ahead you have wayyyy less work too. Oh, you would never do that to your kids or yourself? Good! So why do you do it to your dog?

If you buy at the slaughterhouse or you find a friendly butcher who brings it for you from the slaughterhouse it will have been tested for human consumption, good quality and dirt cheap when you compare it with the costs for average kibble and you save tons of vet and med costs.

I pay average 50 cents for a pound and get some "offal" from the butchers trimmings for free.

Don't listen to vets whose office looks like a shop for "dog food". Change the vet! My vet doesn't sell "dog food", promotes raw feeding, doesn't has a fancy office, has a busy day, is honest and drives a small car and if you need her in the middle of the night she will be there. She came to my house at 12.15 am to release my 16 year old dog that I had from suffering so that our doggy could pass away while being at home, surrounded by beloved people. She took 2.5 hours to allow us a last good bye in dignity .... oh, did I say she doesn't sell "dog food"?
By Dalsky last year