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- No internal inquiry by Hindustan Times, email was fabricated.
- MKRF has not received laundered and diverted funds.
- PCB bidding for Sri Lanka, South Africa series was transparent.

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It should not miss our focus that some elements with the objective of covering up their questionable credibility, and in selfish pursuit of personal gains, resort to character assassination of others. They level unfounded and fabricated allegations of receiving money and functioning as agents of RAW, MI and ISI.

The worst drawback of today’s social media is that controversial reports, emails, pictures and videos are posted without giving any regard to the moral, religious and legal obligations. These elements should desist from indulging in such irresponsible behavior. What they need to understand is the fact that it is impossible to immediately find evidence of certain happenings and due time is always required to prove or disprove an allegation.

The false allegations against Jang Group and Jehangir Siddiqui Group are drawing condemnation but, unfortunately, it is less visible on social media. This is so because there are certain individuals who control the social media and they use it to spread propaganda with the aim to suppress the truth and spread the false allegations.

What is also important to consider is that what forces are behind this conspiracy and who is its ultimate beneficiary? In past too some rulers and powerful individuals were averse to the Jang Group’s policy of adhering to impartial reporting of facts and they conspired to tarnish Jang Group’s image. Hindustan Times recently clarified such an attempt:

A clarification on a story
Hindustan Times New Delhi, November 01, 2013
First Published: 22:17 IST(1/11/2013) | Last Updated: 11:59 IST(4/11/2013)
With reference to the story titled ‘Geo Networks misadventure with Hindustan Times- A tale of conspiracy gone Haywire’, it is hereby clarified that Hindustan Times is in no way involved in the contents of the said story or its publication/circulation.
By Aamir Liaquat's Lover Last year