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    Chicago train accident: CTA Blue Line crash, injures dozens

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    Originally published on October 1, 2013

    An empty commuter train slammed into a standing train at a station in suburban Chicago during Monday morning's rush hour, injuring at least 33 people, according to a Reuters report.

    The out-of-service Chicago Transit Authority train barreled toward a standing train filled with commuters in Forest Park, west of Chicago just before 8am.

    Nobody was driving the four-car train, which was travelling at roughly 20 mph when it hit the other train.

    Injured passengers were transported to nine area hospitals. There were no serious injuries.

    "Most of the people were complaining of either neck pain or back pain," Forest Park Mayor Anthony Calderone told the CLTV news station, according to Reuters.

    Investigators are trying to determine the exact cause of the incident.

    "The million dollar question is, how did this happen?" Robert Kelly, Amalgamated Transit Union President Robert Kelly, told reporters.

    Kelly noted the blame appears to lay with a mechanical malfunction, but as a precaution, police are treating the station as a crime scene.

    "If it wasn't a goof or there is someone not telling us something that creates a big problem because if one train can start moving without anybody doing anything than it can happen to another train," said Mr. Kelly, according to a different report by the Houston Chronicle.


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