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    NATO, US unhappy with Turkish choice of Chinese missiles

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    The Turkish government said on Monday that it may reconsider a recent decision to buy a Chinese air and missile defence system following criticism from NATO allies.

    Reuters reports that, "Turkey's Defence Ministry announced last week it had chosen the FD-2000 missile defence system from China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corp, or CPMIEC, over rival systems from Russian, U.S. and European firms. Turkey is a member of the NATO transatlantic military alliance.

    "'We do not consider anything other than Turkey's interests,' Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc told reporters.

    "CPMIEC is under U.S. sanctions for violations of the Iran, North Korea and Syria Nonproliferation Act, and the United States has expressed "serious concerns" over Turkey's decision.

    "NATO sources said collaboration with China on the system could raise questions of compatibility of weaponry and of security.

    "Arinc did not single out the United States in his criticism, saying comments from U.S. officials about the decision had been 'respectful', but reiterated that Turkey did not need to consult on matters of domestic defence.

    "Some Western defence analysts have said they were surprised by Turkey's decision, having expected the contract to go to Raytheon Co, a U.S. company that builds the Patriot missile, or the Franco/Italian Eurosam SAMP/T.

    "The United States, Germany and the Netherlands each sent two Patriot batteries and up to 400 soldiers to operate them to southeastern Turkey early this year after Ankara asked NATO for help with air defences against possible missile attacks from Syria.

    This animation explains the FD-2000 missile system.


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