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    The idea is simple. I have new songs; I want you to hear the new songs now, instead of waiting around for them a year from now. And if you're like me, you're never mad about artists putting out new stuff, no matter how recently they've released something else. So why shouldn't I keep putting out new songs?

    That simple idea had never crossed my mind before. I think it's ingrained in most bands or artists' brains that there is a certain way to do things in the music business. Which is funny, because most acts that reach levels of good success or notoriety do it by breaking the mold and going a different way than the rest. Not to say that I am branching out into uncharted territory where "no man has gone before," it's only personal uncharted territory that had never crossed my mind until this year.

    That's what the Wide Awake Project is for me; waking up to a new way for me to approach making music. I realized that I am an independent artist and absolutely nothing is stopping me from creating and distributing music the way I want to.

    This year I have been, and still am, constantly writing new songs, taking them to my producer, picking out the song we think is the best, recording that song, and releasing it a month or so after the last song was released. The only thing that makes me wait so long to release each song is money (of course), and creating album covers, videos, and whatever else I want to go with that song. The name of the game is content. I am giving you as much content with my name on it as you can handle.

    There is no set numbers of songs that I am going to record. I am just going to write the best songs I can and bring you the best of the best of what I have created. This plan is going to be added to and changed as the months go on. I am completely open to suggestions and will constantly be testing myself to see if there is a better way to do things.

    I am also making weekly vlogs to keep you all updated with how the project is going.

    It's going to be a fun year so stick around and lets see what happens!

    -- Jeffrey


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