As the Light Goes Out Official Trailer (2013)

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As The Light Goes Out', a new big-budget firefighting drama directed by Derek Kwok. The film stars Nicholas Tse and Shawn Yue as a pair of firefighters who get sucked into a web of deceit as a fire blazes out of control in a liquor warehouse.

The bond of brotherhood is always stronger when you can be pitched into a life and death situation at any time and the only thing that gets you through the inferno is the trust that your brother will have your back. The firefighters of Hong Kong's Pillar Point division who are expecting a quiet night to see off their retiring chief find their faith in each other stretched to the limits when a small fire at a liquor warehouse threatens to plunge the whole of Hong Kong into darkness if it spreads to a nearby power plant supplying natural gas. Politics, rivalry, and suspicion all come into play when dubious decisions are made, warnings are ignored and colleagues start to fall. Can the Pillar Point brotherhood survive the night, if not the fire, with their trust in each other intact?

Release Date: 24 December 2013
Director: Derek Kwok
Cast: Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Simon Yam, Hu Jun, Andy On, William Chan, and Liu Kai-Chi
Genre: Drama, Action
Country: Hong Kong

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