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    Rajkumari | Kannada Film Part 7 of 7 | Balaji, Ravichandran

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    "Rajkumari | Kannada Film Part 7 of 7

    Raja is waiting since four years to get the nod from Kumari who is with a child pretending as a widow. It is herself inflicted punishment for the wrong move of her father, Zamindar of the village. By mistake and on sheer love for his daughter Kumari, the Zamindar murders a music teacher Ravi. After the music teacher gets murdered, Kumari adopts his small kid and decides to bring up the child without getting married all her life. It all happens on the day of Kumari's marriage and the boy is none other than Raja. Raja understands the situation clearly and he starts liking Kumar immensely. He is not ready to marry anyone else. In such scenario, the daughter of affluent Avinash- Bubbly wants to marry Raja at any cost. Understanding the wish of her daughter Avinash takes some foul step that lands Raja in a pitiable condition. In the eyes of Kumari, he is a culprit. But things take a serious turn when Raja decides to walk out from the locality. Whether Kumari and the music teacher's child unite with Raja?"