Bill Maher and Piers Morgan Admit Obama Lied about Healthcare Reform

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Obama lied because the truth was not good enough.

The point of Obamacare and the idea behind the entire philosophy of Marxism is that under a Capitalist system people fall through the cracks and Obama wanted a system that would cover 100% of the population.

Now the poor and middle class who fall through the cracks get severely taxed. Even more people will now fall through the cracks and the Left will find it exceptable because its for thier greater Marxist ideals.

There are lots of altenative ideas to Obamacare, John McCain ran on a tax credit so people could buy health insurance. The Left even boycotted Whole Foods because ceo John Mackey proposed a Obamacare alternative.


IF #GOP(& @Democrats)hadnt kept taking bribes from #Insurance cos& #hospitals, #healthcare would have been fixed&prevented basis4 @Obamacare
By Don Mashak Last year
Consider this:#MSM knew of #VAHospital Scandal,but didnt report during passage of @Obamacare.Sound like #Democratic Process or #tyranny?
By Don Mashak Last year
#Constitution & #NaturalLaw -> #ConsentoftheGoverned| Our Current Govt -> Shut up & grab your ankles #teaparty #occupy #tlot #tcot #military
By Don Mashak Last year
#Government that relies upon #lies to falsely induce its individual citizens to accept proposed legislation is not legitimate,it is #tyranny
By Don Mashak Last year