Cassidy - I'm A Hustla

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This is Cassidy's second album. It includes the hits I'm a Hustla and B-Boy Stance.

In the title track for the album (which was also the first single), Cassidy says "Yeah, I used dude's voice, props to the boy Shawn/he made it a hot line, I made it a hot song."

Jay-Z, whose voice was sampled for the song's chorus, says something similar in the song "Takeover" from Jay-Z's Blueprint album. He says, about Nas, "Yeah, I sampled your voice, you was using it wrong/you made it a hot line, I made it a hot song." Also in the song, Cassidy says "I could sell Raid to a bug/ I'm a hustla, I could sell salt to a slug." Jay-Z says something similar on the song "U Don't Know", also from Blueprint, in which he says "I'll sell ice in the winter, fire in Hell/I'm a hustla, baby, I could sell water to a whale."


daily motion fine
By yusuf hussein 2 years ago
Sympa !! .... ,,..
By cuttiebabez 4 years ago
niceeeeeeeeee! btw anyone wannt to chat?? ;))
By cutepayalsaxena 4 years ago
By dontcha7140 5 years ago
Im the supplier, so as long as you hustling, know you working by the hour. I took the county showers, nobody violating, but the probation, yall smoking while on probation that got me thanking, Yall leading clues to the God of this shit, So if you a rapper its paper bars you need to perfect. Dudes gone respect the game, before the first sing them Rico Blues, The Rap Game is nothing like the Dope Game, SO don't be a dope Lame, Yall better off getting like Kanye Brain, and bring some ingenuity to the game, Before we Cartel The Lane, ask Mexico My Name, Patron, not Padrino, do it real unlike Pacino All for the Dinero, got that shit looking like Leche, Thats All wHite, No 2% u will not Nicky Barnes My Magic, We do it whole like shits is tragic, Gave yall the Bob Marley Swagger, Dudes Acting Like I am a Egg in My Earth, and they squirting Like I don't KNow My Worth, I get science without a conscience, yall tourists like Rick Ross in Colombia, Im Like What Sosa is to "Hustlers" No HOMIE...
By Rich Mundo 6 years ago
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