Advertising Console

    Sox Baseball

    Eric Latek

    by Eric Latek

    Tech Specs: Red One 4K – 35mm
    Commercial: “Remember Why You Played The Game” Campaign
    Produced By John Parris & Anthony Finucane
    Shot – Cut – Colored By Eric Latek
    The baseball sequence was shot in August of 2009, and the opening and closing was shot in the spring of 2010. My son, Jake, starred as the homerun hitter. He took my direction with ease. The Pawsox shoot involved about a dozen or so kids. We needed to work fast to maintain the short attention span a typical 5-7 year-old may have, as well as we were trying to keep the psycho-nazi greens keeper happy. Nevertheless, when all was said and done I was really happy the way the spot turned out, and never get tired of watching my little one up on the big screen at McCoy Stadium.