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    Wine Shortage Alert

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    Wine lovers are being advised to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst as industry experts announce their predictions for an approaching wine shortage.

    Dracula may claim to never drink wine but millions of wine lovers are being advised by the industry experts about an approaching wine shortage.

    The impending dearth comes down to a simple case of supply not meeting demand.

    Wine is increasingly becoming the beverage of choice in the United States and China, but neither country produces enough of it to compensate for their own consumption.

    China is, however, beginning to open more wineries.

    It would appear the US is as well, but many of the new houses being established are really just boutique wineries, which tend to not boost overall supply by much if any.

    Other popular emerging product resources like Australia and South Africa are already pumping out wine at maximum capacity.

    The top makers in the world remain the European countries of Spain, France, and Italy, but their yields as of late have significantly declined.

    Poor weather conditions and lack of land are the top reasons that production in those areas has been following a downward trend since 2001.

    In all of the bad news, the industry analysts have offered a bright spot. 2013 has reportedly been a great year, and more wine than usual is expected to make it to shelves.