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Today on the net, web users take the latest NSA revelations with a pinch of salt. Hundreds of civilians evacuated from a besieged Syrian town. And the childhood home of Steve Jobs has been classified as a historic landmark.

Internet laughs about being spied on
Between December 2012 and January 2013, the NSA allegedly used its code named “MUSCULAR” program to collect some 181 million records, including metadata, from Yahoo and Google data centers, across the United States and the rest of the world. The revelations first came to light in an article published on the Washington Post’s website on Wednesday. The article came with a top secret hand drawn post-it note explaining how the US Intelligence Agency managed to exploit data from the two web giants…
Web users are having a bit of fun with the revelations. The person who posted this tweet for example has parodied the famous post it note illustrating how the NSA intercepts Google and Yahoo data by putting together an equally basic picture depicting how the US agency would spy on the pope.
An idea that soon inspired journalists from The Guardian who have been coming up with equally wacky creations, they’ve have imagined how the NSA could spy on Father Christmas for example. Yes, the British daily has even set up a game for web users – players just have to fill in the blank boxes on the post-it notes.
Social networkers are also poking fun at the NSA, saying the National Security Agency has helped millions of web users the world over, as their archiving service has provided them with easy access to lost docs.
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