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    5 killed in car crash in China's Tiananmen Square

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    A sport-utility vehicle plowed through a crowd outside the Forbidden City in Beijing before crashing and catching fire Monday, killing the three occupants and two tourists. The car also injured 38 visitors and security officers close to the square's portrait of Chairman Mao.

    Three of those killed were inside the car. Two pedestrians, a female tourist from the Philippines and a male tourist from Guangdong province, had also died.

    Police cars blocked the entrance to Tiananmen Square, as smoke rose from the jeep at midday. A subway station near the square and the road near the crash were temporarily closed at the request of police.

    News of the incident first appeared on the Interent from those who were at the scene, but it appeared that some pictures were being quickly removed. The incident is under investigation.

    Tiananmen Square was the scene of the 1989 pro-democracy protests which were ended by a military crackdown.


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