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    Who is Jac Stone?

    The moment she sings, her lyrics will make love to your mind. They will move through the air and grab the parts of your soul that you leave open for the blissful grace of reality's voice.
    The stunning vibrato grabs the deepest misery which live inside us all and holds it with comfort before shaking it back to life as joy.

    Watch Trying to be sorry online for its profound elegance and honesty. I was left with the memory of a song that will fill the rooms of my life for many years to come.

    She has performed live on three separate occasions in my presence. When she closes her eyes while performing you truly get a sense of magic and belief.

    In between verses you will watch her shake her hips and hair in a comfortable display of self confidence.

    Taking songwriting back to a story telling art, Jac Stone's form will leave you both entertained and reflective. Forgiving herself for the love of a past lover she no longer thinks about.

    I want to listen to her next time on a mountain top when she can play hidden in the stars of Brisbane town. I suspect she will not remain hidden in the stars for long though as the brightness of her talent is revealed.

    There is a sad silent when she decides to stop playing, almost as if she has no idea what just happened. The audience are left to collect themselves respectively as the evening slowing began to progress.

    If I needed to be reminded why music was given to us, tonight gave me that chance. Suddenly forced back into the depths of my thoughts, but this time with a sense of peace, which felt like a kind of companionship, one that was united by the mystery of Jac Stone.

    Moments later she walks away into the blackness of the night, as black as the dress she wore.
    I rolled a cigarette slowly carefully and the entire time thought to myself this and only this.

    Whoever you are Jac Stone, when you think you're done... I am coming to find you

    Brought to you by Race Café in association with the Seclusion Room Recording Studio in Fortitude Valley and Chalk Hotel

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