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    House of Horrors (1946)


    by MargaliMorwentari

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    Sundowntn Sundown
    My grandfather worked at the old universal studios as a set painter and carpenter and met most of the actors especially in horror.He said RONDO HATTON was a real nice guy and DIDN'T COME OFF AS A SNOB AS SOME DID.One thing he said about MR.HATTON was that he walked real slow and some of the scenes he was in had to be repeated .He also said that BELA LUGOSI was also a nice guy and spoke to everyone but did have some mood swings.
    By Sundowntn SundownLast year
    David, you're right! Rondo looks like he could have been designed by Steve Ditko for just such a story.
    And thanks for pointing out the Bat-connections too. Alan Napier was also very good in THE UNINVITED (1944).
    By MargaliMorwentariLast year
    David Goode
    Was watching this and thought an adaptation by Steve Ditko wound have been great.Great Batman connection with Robert Lowery and Alan Napier.Napier is great in a role that could have been written for George Sanders or Clifton Webb.
    By David GoodeLast year
    Zeljko Kalac
    Magnifical Rondo Hatton!
    By Zeljko Kalac2 years ago