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...les sons et les parfums, by Javier Perianes: F. Chopin - Berceuse Op. 57 (Andante)

il y a 5 ans457 views

To be released in November

"...les sons et les parfums" by Javier Perianes
Debussy meets Chopin

Pre-order now: https://itunes.apple.com/album/...les-sons-et-les-parfums/id725518409
Studio Masters quality: http://www.qobuz.com/album/javier-perianes-les-sons-et-les-parfums/3149020216422

Physical: http://store.harmoniamundi.com/les-sons-et-les-parfums.html
Chopin and Debussy: two seekers of the absolute who, in their art distilled to the quintessence, succeeded in erasing all traces of their workmanship and their supreme compositional technique. The connections between them are as numerous as they are subtle, never obvious, yet so very profound: the achievement of Javier Perianes here is to have teased out the artistic thread linking two geniuses who soar high above their respective centuries.

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...les sons et les parfums, by Javier Perianes: F. Chopin - Berceuse Op. 57 (Andante)
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