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    : Chinese residents express shock at Tiananmen Square 'terrorist attack'

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    The search goes on for suspects involved in the Tiananmen Square car crash, which left five people dead. Police created a dragnet of checkpoints around the city to find eight people.

    Five have so far been arrested in what the Chinese authorities are now calling a terrorist attack. Residents expressed their concern:

    “I don’t understand their motives, but no matter what goals they may have, this kind of action cannot be taken. I think it’s a very stupid course of action.”

    Another resident said:
    “I thought something like this would be so far off from happening to us here, but for this to suddenly happen so close to me, I feel like I can’t accept it. I just feel worried and scared.”

    An official police blog reports that the SUV used in the square contained three people with Uighur-sounding names. Uighurs are Muslims from China’s western region of Xinjiang who resent the strict controls imposed on them.

    Police said the incident was “carefully planned, organised, and premeditated.”