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    Is Touching Pregnant Bellies Illegal

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    A central Pennsylvania case is highlighting the issue of touching a pregnant woman’s belly without permission as illegal, and people are sounding off about it on social media.

    Some people just don’t have much need for personal space. Still, many others do, especially pregnant women who say strangers touch their bellies frequently without permission. A central Pennsylvania case is highlighting the issue as illegal.

    A woman filed charges against a male stranger who touched her belly without permission twice. A local attorney said all states have harassment laws, but this is the only known case he is aware of where that law was applied to touching a pregnant woman’s belly.

    It’s been a hot topic on social media. While most people’s intentions are harmless, most women agree the unwanted belly rub invades personal space and people need to stop.

    Many said it would not be acceptable to touch the stomachs of random people so why should it be any different for pregnant women? Others said it was annoying, but making it illegal, overkill.

    One woman perhaps explained the issue best as “really tricky.” She wrote, “Elderly grandmother that exclaims excitedly and touches your belly for the briefest of moments? Maybe mildly annoying but not a crime. Scary woman or man that grabs at your belly and continues to jiggle you around long after the first no? Crime.”