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    The BCASA - "Tha Ballad of Casey Jonez" Stomp Records


    by BlankTV

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    The BCASA - "Tha Ballad of Casey Jonez" Stomp Records A BlankTV Feature!

    Artist city, country: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Artist Biography: Confucius once said: "When we see persons of worth, we should think of equalling them; when we see persons of a contrary character, we should ninja kick them in the tits and crank The BCASA."

    A punk band that has listened to way too much Wu-Tang and Beastie Boys, and has a massive hard-on for time travel, 90s video games and Ninja Turtles, is indeed something worth turning the fuck up. Their short, violent songs and live shows leave you feeling like you've been kicked in the teeth by a Muppet; it's vicious yet colourful, and everyone goes home with a big bloody smile, and even the ugly people get laid.

    Is it really punk though? It sounds like it could be, but the attitudes and themes are almost too punk; The BCASA believe that there is nothing more punk rock and righteous than songs about Mortal Kombat ("Mortal Kombat"), Batman ("Batman") and karate ("Karate"). It's all loud and aggressive, a sort of clusterfuck tribute to all the bands that the BCASA find awesome: The Hives, Rage Against the Machine, The Beastie Boys, Municipal Waste... and just as it starts making sense, they quickly move on to the next thing that they believe to be the pinnacle of wickedness. Watching The BCASA play a set is like flipping channels through all the different cartoon networks after drinking a hundred cups of coffee.

    Though time traveling to the future many times, the band has been playing relentlessly for the past few years, and their sexy tattoos and solid work ethic have allowed them to share the stage with many reputable bands: The Offspring, NOFX, Nashville Pussy, The Supersuckers, The Sainte-Catherines, to name a few. Through three Canadian tours, two albums, two EPs, a whole lot of sweat, spit and Earl Grey tea, they show no sign of letting up. Their upcoming third album, awesomely titled "Fuck You Shredder" is a tribute to both the golden age of hip hop, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "If you ain't green then bring tha ruckus. TMNT ain't nothin' to fuck wit!"

    Officially, The BCASA is just another terrible band name, though the general buzz around the water cooler is that it is in fact an acronym for The Bill Cosby Anarchist Society of America, and though it was merely a tribute to the band's favourite comedian, Bill's legal team quickly slapped a cease and desist on his young fans. Right now, they are the greatest band in the Universe.

    Director Name: Ryan Stick, Marc Vaccaro
    Producer Name: The BCASA

    About The Video: Casey Jones doing what he does best, beat the shit out of goons.

    Artist Website:

    Label Name: Stomp Records
    Label Website:

    Song Lyrics: I can't remember how I got this way
    I guess I was born with a hockey mask on Come on you fuckers, won't you make my day I'll give you a taste of my cricket bat, son I don't respect no hoods 'cause crime's for the lazy I could have gone pro, but I'm fucking crazy I'll cut off your balls, and break all your bones I'm mother fucking Casey Jonez I'm like a goalie with no goal to tend No fucker would ever dare to score on me If you're no Turtle, then you ain't my friend And you had best be a afraid of me I've no regrets; I don't believe in grief I've got no puck, so I will use your teeth I'll cut off your balls, and break all your bones I'm mother fucking Casey Jonez Hey Bogey, who died and made you referee Now that was a crime, you purse-grabbing pukes And this here's the penalty I'll cut off your balls and break all your bones I'll cut off your balls and break your mother fucking bones I'm mother fucking Casey Jonez


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