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    Grumpy Harrison Ford Roles: Allie Fox 6


    by askmen

    The Mosquito Coast is an intriguingly unique entry in Harrison Ford's career, given that it's one of the few times he headlined a movie as a morally questionable character who doesn't feel like a hero. Based on a true story, Ford plays an eccentric and embittered man who, for some reason, decides to move his family to Central America to build an ice factory in the middle of the jungle. That's a pretty crazy idea, and sure enough, it goes disastrously wrong. Ford battles his family, the locals and even nature as his character attempts to live out an impossible dream. It's one of the most uncharacteristic roles Ford ever played, and one of his finest performances. More importantly, the character is easily one of his greatest grumps, even bordering on being a full-blown ass. If you like Harrison Ford at his grumpiest, this unjustly forgotten gem from Peter Weir and Paul Schrader is definitely worth a look.