WEB NEWS - USA: lawmakers propose bill to limit NSA’s domestic spying

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Today on the net: lawmakers in the US propose a bill to limit the NSA’s domestic spying. Residents from the Pakistan province of Balochistan campaign for their missing loved ones. And a time lapse video takes us to 32 American states.

USA: lawmakers propose bill to limit NSA’s domestic spying
With the NSA’s mass electronic surveillance program remaining at the heart of heated debate in Europe and the United States, two US lawmakers, democrat senator Patrick Leahy and Republican representative Jim Sensenbrenner presented legislation to the house on Tuesday. The bill, aimed at limiting the NSA’s domestic spying, has been submitted to Congress for approval and if it is adopted, will see an end to the bulk data mining of American citizens’ telephone communications.
The bill has received a warm reception from web users in the US who have taken to social networks to urge their political representatives to vote in favour of the legislation. Netizens can also send this letter to the members of Congress, saying they would like to see this bill which seeks to ensure better protection of individual freedoms and privacy adopted the earliest possible opportunity.
And although many see the proposed legislation as a step in the right direction, some have voiced concern over one or two of the clauses. NGO Amnesty International for example thinks it’s a great idea but is disappointed the measures only apply to American citizens and do not extend to foreign nationals residing in the United States, meaning the NSA can continue to monitor them.
Others comments show more than a hint of irony. This twitter post for example says that if the law is to have any impact ... Go on reading on our web site.

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