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    The Reblogging Feature

    Bob Ullman

    by Bob Ullman

    Bob Ullman 603-888-7788 The reblogging feature of the new Blog Beast blogging platform is really helpful. It allows you to take anyone else's blog that show on your feed and re post them on your blog. You can add some info on the bottom including your own links so it actually benefits both of you and creates additional backlinks for higher ranking on google or the other search engines. Reblogging is real easy with the new platform from Empower Network and this is only one of the exciting new features. We now have a mobile platform and you can post from your phone now. Posting a blog is easier than ever and you can get up to ten blogs with the new Blog Beast. You can also use your own domains if you like. This is the best deal that I have ever seen for $25 monthly and you should get now to make it easier to promote your business. If you choose to be a reseller you can create any additional income that you would like and please see our average incomes here