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    Justine Dupont - Biggest wave ever surfed by a Girl - Belharra



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    Billabong's Justine Dupont goes XXL at Belharra - October 28th 2013

    Justine Dupont, 23, from Lacanau, rode a giant wave today at the famous big-wave spot of Belharra. The wave, measured at around 45 feet high is considered to be the biggest wave ever ridden by a female in Europe.

    With a massive swell pounding the coasts of Europe today the big-wave spot of Belharra, a submerged reef that lies a mile offshore from Saint-Jean-de-Luz, sprang to life. The famous waves only breaks in the biggest of swells and a select band of big-wave surfers were on hand to tackle the huge waves.

    Dupont along with Billabong Adventure Division members Benjamin Sanchis and François Liets traveled out to the wave just before sunrise. "I wasn't nervous, I felt confident," said Dupont. "I had complete trust in François driving and was looking forward to catching my first waves at Belharra."

    "Justine really wanted it, there was no question about that," said Liets, who towed Dupont into the wave. "She is building experience and it's great to see her challenging herself in these conditions."

    "I just wanted to make sure I had the strength to tackle these types of waves," said Dupont, who recently placed third in the World Longboard Championships in Peru. "When I looked up and saw how big the wave was, I just focused on making the drop. Now that I know I have the leg muscle strength to make these waves, I'm super committed to surfing bigger and better waves."

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