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    Comedy Nights with Kapil SUNNY DEOL SPECIAL in Comedy Nights 3rd November 2013 FULL EPISODE

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    The laughter riot on Colors’ Comedy Nights with Kapil has been getting bigger and better with the biggies of Bollywood visiting the extraordinary comedy king Kapil Sharma to have a wonderful time with his family.
    As per the sources, it is said that Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor-Imran Khan are coming to promote their films, it’s time for the ever popular Govinda and Sunny Deol to come on the show.Govinda being the true sport will surely have a good time with Kapil in the battle of comic punches.
    As per the sources, “Govinda is a great guy and is very excited about coming on the show. As for Sunny he has very clearly informed that there should be no talks about his ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ and ‘hand pump’ sequence.”
    The source also added that Kapil is really excited to have these celebs on his show as they have been his all time favourites. The actors shot the episode Yesterday (29th October), and the episode will be aired next month.