Woman Sues After Walking into a Glass Door

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A suit in which a woman was awarded damages from her travel agency for injuries sustained during her trip is being appealed.

Glass door injuries occur more often than one would think.

For the injuries she suffered after walking into a glass door at a swanky Caribbean resort, a woman was recently awarded a settlement of around 40 thousand dollars.

The case is being appealed, however, and travel industry spokespeople are fearful of the precedent the decision may set if not overturned.

It seems that the woman was hanging out on the balcony of her Barbados suite enjoying a book when the phone rang.

Eager to answer it, she forgot she’d closed the glass door and walked right into it.

While that would typically be the kind of mishap people laugh about later, the door which wasn’t made of safety glass, shattered, and resulted in the woman ending up with what were called “life threatening” cuts.

The lawsuit she filed was against the vacation’s organizer, Virgin Holidays Limited.

Virgin has acknowledged that the woman did sustain multiple lacerations, but are questioning if the incident is really their problem.

It’s their assertion that travel companies can’t be responsible for hotels upholding English safety standards when they’re not in England.

The attorney for the plaintiff maintains the position that Virgin sent his client into harm’s way.