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    Cryptomeria: Korean Hemp, a sacred cloth


    by michaelm

    CryptoMeria: Time & Devotion Korean Women & The Sacred Hemp Fabric
    A Geo Korea Cultural Video

    Thanks to Geo Korea for this wonderful example of
    Korean Loomers hard at work producing the finest of fabrics as a sacred act.
    Koreans bury their dead in hemp. It shows respect. By the time one gets married they will have already paid a decendent of the ancient loomers to pray and sing their tears into the woven hemp fabric so it may transend from nature's finest fabric into a sacred burial cloth.
    "Paji" is Korean for men's pants. PajiMa when made of hemp. "Pajama's" were made of hemp too. Coincidence? No way!
    See the photos and read about my pilgrimage to Aundong where I both met and shook hands with 3 of the finest loomers in Korea.

    9:05 min • 95 mb • 640 x 480