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    Lady Gaga New Song "Mary Jane Holland" Sneak Peek!


    by ClevverMusic

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    Lady Gaga releases "Mary Jane Holland" song snippet :) - Subscribe to Clevver Music!
    Lady Gaga releases a snippet of "Mary Jane Holland" and we bet you can't guess what the song's about! Little Monsters welcome back to ClevverMusic, hey there! As ARTPOP nears our ears, Lady Gaga has been teasing us with snippets of the album's new songs. The latest preview called, "Mary Jane Holland" got a lengthy sneak peek on Gaga's YouTube channel. We hear over 2 minutes of another new electronic dance track, but this time with a slower pulsing beat. "Mary Jane Holland" is not surprisingly an ode to the Netherlands marijuana friendly culture but the song seems to be fit for a club. The snippet lyrics start the pop song singing, "I don't like to boast/ But our truffles are the most/ Mad-magical in Amsterdam/ (She won't, she won't)/ So if you have fear, Apollo/ Sit on my lyre, and/ Play 'em like a piano, man/ (I will, I will)". Then Gaga builds to the chorus professing our love for marijuana, "Cause I love, love, cause I love you/ You better than, you better than/ My darkest sin/ Russian hookers, and cheap gin". This ode to the stoner life shouldn't come as any surprise to Little Monsters as Gaga dressed as a marijuana leaf for Halloween last year. You'll have to take a listen to the rest of the snippet yourself, and we'll just mention one last line in the song we love, "I am rich as piss." Um is that good thing or a bad thing? You decide. Listen to "Mary Jane Holland" and leave us a comment with your thoughts below! I'm Misty Kingma for ClevverMusic, don't forget to follow us on Twitter for more fun. See you soon. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!