[Villa Maly Boutique Hotel] - Special Workshop on Preparation for Luang Prang Festival of Lights

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Boun Lai Huea Fai (also known as Festival of Lights) is a ceremony to marks the end of Buddhist Lent. Fireboats and Krathongs made from banana tree trunks are floated down the river. It is believed these small boats will take away any bad luck and bring good luck. In the afternoon of the Festival of Lights, Villa Maly held a special workshop for guests to learn to make floating banana leaf lanterns. The workshop took place right in the lush gardens of Villa Maly. With banana tree trunk, banana leaves and flowers,
Villa Maly team showed guests how to hold them together with pins,then decorate with flowers and incenses to make a Krathong. Krathongs will be released on the river right after participants make a wish on the night of the festival.