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    Beginners Noob and Veterans Guide to Better Aim in Battlefield 4 and All FPS Games


    by ImAnderZEL

    Many have requested this kind of video. So i took the things i learned from 13 years in FPS games and what Kevin/Tweeday know from the best CS GO players in the world and put it all in this easy to understand video. Hope this guide make you better in Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 Cod CS GO and all other FPS games!

    Video on how to shoot like full aouto with very litle recoil

    My PC
    I7 2700k 4.6 Ghz
    GTX 770 Sli
    Asus 144Hz monitor
    850w corsairs powers supply
    16Gig DDR3 Ram
    Win 8 OS
    Roccat Kone XTD mouse and mouse pad will do video on it soon its is super good!
    HP key board old and bad getting new one soon probably a mechanical Roccat.

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