BO 2 Zombies Origins - Third Try Part 3 Power Of 1000 Tiny Fists


by ImAnderZEL

Black ops 2 pc multiplayer gameplay. We join a few random dudes online and try to finish the main Easter egg that includes all staffs upgraded placed in the big robots killing tons of armored zeds and killing invincible zed and plane plus more.

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Black ops 2 takes part in the future so you have a ton of new weapons killstreaks and perks that are new but also alot of the good old once you will remember from Black ops 1 and the Modern warfare games. In Black ops 2 you no longer have to put up with shit like dead mans hand pain killer last stand and other shit that rewards bad player. make sure to subscribe for more Black ops 2 pc multiplayer gameplay and ofc some zombie game play to .