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DESTRONICS - Look (Official Video)

il y a 4 ans153 views

This video full of poetry and special effects has been created by Thomas Blanchard (Capsus) and Etienne Perrin (Imetrages).The videoclip for Destronics' single ''Look'' is a very aesthetic video, the result of a long video editing, but also of the integration of 3D and motion design elements.
Furthemore it is the first video that uses the DMesh new technology at this scale.
Directed by Thomas Blanchard & Etienne Perrin
Executive Producer : Benjamin Ackoun
Produced by Destronics
Cinematography by Michel Vendittelli
Lights assistant : Chloé “Swii” Li Fraine
Machinist : Damien Lecoq
Choreographer : Jennifer Rochelemagne
Edited by Etienne Perrin
SFX by Nicolas Chanay & Thomas Blanchard