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    Gunman Michael Guzzo shoots and kills Moore family over barking dogs

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    Four members of a family and their two dogs were shot and killed by a neighbor who went on a shooting rampage before turning his shotgun on himself on Saturday morning in Phoenix, Arizona. Michael Guzzo, 56, lived alone and apparently kept to himself, according to neighbors. They believe the noise of dogs barking might have set him off.

    Guzzo took his pump shotgun and shot and killed 66-year-old Bruce Moore, who was on the phone with a friend at the time, and his son-in-law Michael Moore in their back patio. (According to the Arizona Republic, Michael Moore took his wife's family name upon marriage.) The gunman then went back into his house, exited out of the front door, then went into the Moores' home through their front door. Inside, he shot Michael's 36-year-old wife, Renee, and their 17-year-old son, Shannon. At some point, he also shot and killed the Moores' two dogs.

    According to police, Guzzo then crossed the courtyard that joins the fronts of townhouses in the complex, then fired two rounds into the front door of another neighbor's home where a Chihuahua and a pit bull had started barking in response to the gunfire, the Arizona Republic reports. No one was injured there. Guzzo eventually returned his own home where he is believed to have and shot and killed himself.

    Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson said it did not appear that there had been any history between Guzzo and the Moore family. Neither household had required police assistance in the past. Guzzo had no criminal record, apart from a drunk driving offense in another state in the 1980s.


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