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    Prison break! Inmates escape jail through shower ceiling in Oklahoma

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    Caddo County authorities in Oklahoma are looking for four inmates who escaped from the detention center in Anadarko early on Sunday morning. The group apparently broke a lock on a maintenance door in the shower, then climbed through it, broke through cement blocks in a wall, and exited the building through a door in a small room.

    Caddo County Sheriff Gene Cain said someone called the police in the wee hours of Sunday morning to report seeing four men in orange jumpsuits outside the jail. When the jail officials conducted a head count, they discovered the inmates were missing.

    The fugitives have been identified as 21-year-old Dylan Ray Three Irons; 23-year-old Prime Brown; 24-year-old Anthony James Mendonca and 32-year-old Triston Cheadle.

    Authorities found the inmates' prison clothes outside the detention center, but so far have no leads as to where they may have gone.

    The men were being held for unrelated crimes, ranging from carrying a concealed weapon and escaping arrest, to robbery with firearms and possession of methamphetamine.


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