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    Drunk guy breaks into female dorms at National Taiwan Normal University

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    National Taiwan Normal University's dorm security system has been found to have some serious problems.

    Last Saturday, a male graduate was drunk and used his old card key to get into the male dorms. He then used a broken fire exit to get into the female dorms. Next, he entered an unlocked girl's room and started sleeping next to her. The next morning when she woke up, she found a stranger in her bed. She was so scared she called the campus police and a military instructor. Although the drunk guy didn't harass the female student, students still can't believe something like this happened and have criticized the dorm's management.

    The guy's excuse was that he was really drunk and that he was on the way to see his friend in the guy's dorm, but went into the female's dorm by accident. The school said the fact that the guy's card key was still working was a system flaw. The fire exit door alarm might have been shut off by other students. The school will now assign people to patrol the dorms at night.


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