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    by BalconyTV

    Mhoo performing 'Our Color' Live on BalconyTV
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    Mhoo is a Norwegian duo composed of Oda Dahl and Miriam Kjølen. They met in 2007, and in 2009 they started creating their own music. They are influenced by Spanish rhythms, lullabies, bluegrass and Gypsy music. Oda Dahl and Miriam Kjølen are songwriters, guitarists and vocalists, and sometimes even trumpet players. Mhoo are known for their passion for cultures, music and travelling.
    In 2009 they represented Norway in a big youth festival, known as the Imagine festival. The year after, they also received a lot of attention and interest at Scandinavia'a biggest music congress, By:larm. Mhoo delivered a great show, and the concert wes given top ratings by Dagbladet, one of the biggest newspapers in Norway.
    In 2011 they recorded the album "Talking in The Streets" and signed a deal with Sony Music.Over the past few years, Mhoo has played more than 300 concerts. They have performed as opening act for artists such as Jeff Beck, Jethro Tull, FIRST AID KIT and Lissie.
    During the year 2012, Per Kamfjord, Line and Mari Berulfsen came along, and joined as new band members.
    In May 2013 Mhoo released their second album "Home Is Where You Are" on their own Mhoosic Records label.

    MHOO - дуэт Мириам Кьолен и Уды Даль - один из самых популярных современных норвежских коллективов. В активе музыкантов - совместные выступления с Jethro Tull, Manu Chao, а легендарный гитарист Джефф Бек назвал MHOO одной из своих самых любимых групп. MHOO с успехом гастролировали в США и Латинской Америке, регулярно выступают на ведущих европейских фестивалях.
    В 2012 году группа впервые приехала в Россию, с успехом выступив на Международном фестивале Femme Fest.
    В мае 2013 года MHOO выпустили свой второй лонгплей - Home Is Where You Are, хиты с которого - Far Away, Madness, Rasputin - стали лидерами продаж в европейском iTunes и активно ротируются на радиостанциях.
    Летом группа выступила в Санкт-Петербурге, Саратове и на фестивале «Дикая мята» в Москве.

    Video and Photography : Nastasia Maslennikova, Eva Kuligina
    Sound : Seva Gakkel, Mark Titov
    Editing : Nastasia Maslennikova, Eva Kuligina
    Production Assistant : Alexandre Senin
    Producer : Seva Gakkel

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