L'étrange Mister Knight

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the famous cinemodrama that swept the world is back !

Argan 42 Production is proud to announce the return of «l’etrange Mister knight ». With not less than a million viewers all around the planet, the adventure that thrills movies as well as theater fans comes back to the audience, in a universal* « remasterized » version. Starting on 8 of october, for a limited number of professionnal showcase performances, the show will be played by several actors of the initial 1987 production !

Everything appears at first as a conventional silent movie revival event. It takes a while for you to realise that what you see has not been filmed at all but has been constructed as a stage set behind the transparent cinema screen. The effect is
almost unbelievable…

The performers take care to replicate not only the melodramatic, sudden style of the 20ies, but also the jerky movements produced by primitive film production techniques.

High comedy, gruesome reality and stark melodrama all play their part, interpreted and amplified by a real pianist whose art is also celebration and research.
Don’t miss the opportunity to put an option on this brilliant and dazzling show, for your next theater season program, or business event.
From August 16th to Septembre 22th
Brussels downtown/ Palace
Contacts diffusion: Antoine Guillaume
+ 32 (0) 2 523 37 70

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