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    Inner Xpose - "Perpetual Motion" A BlankTV World Premiere!


    by BlankTV

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    Inner Xpose - "Perpetual Motion" A BlankTV Premiere!

    Artist city, country: Barcelona, Spain

    Artist Biography: Inner Xpose is a djent, metalcore, progressive metal band from Barcelona, Spain.

    Initially started by guitarist Sebastian Sendon, a well-known producer of other bands such as Overdown, in October 2011 and after writing his first song "Self similarity", he started searching for members to transform the project into a full band.

    He finally got in contact with bass player Gabri and drummer Vicenç, with an extensive musical career playing in metalcore, hardcore and death metal bands.

    While writing more music, they contacted William UJ, who had been in several bands covering different styles from nu-metal, alternative metal&experimental rock to math, experimental, progressive metal. After the audition was done, William became the vocalist of the band and they began writing lyrics and vocal lines for the songs.

    He recorded vocals for the first single "Self similarity" and the band published the song in various social networks, receiving very positive responses from listeners all around the world.

    Throughout the second half of 2012 the band continued rehearsing and Sebastian continued writing more music with the purpose of releasing the band's first E.P. In 2013.

    After debuting live on March 2013 along with Overdown, the band received positive critics and feed-back from the public, increasing their popularity through their social network pages and creating a lot of expectation even before the E.P. was released.

    The band released their self-produced E.P. "Panoramic horizon" on the 20th of April, 2013, was presented live on the 27th of April, 2013 and the band began to tour to present it.

    In summer 2013, Gabri decided to part ways with the band for personal reasons, and after a brief search, David Rilo was announced to be the new bass player.

    The band is currectly facing coming shows in the next months with the new formation.

    About The Video: The video was shot in several locations in Barcelona by The Crew of Toxicvision Films.

    The video deals with the ida that everything is going to keep on moving whatever you do in your life, and opportunities will continue passing and passing, but, sometimes, the same opportunity may appear twice.

    Director Name: Abel Fernández
    Director Link:
    Producer Name: Abel Fernández
    Producer Link:


    Song Lyrics: Recall the vision of light,
    from where I stand nothing can be modified,
    the absence of logic within.

    Take me in to the eternal spiral,
    the endless paradox overtakes us,
    flowing through the infinite,
    we collide.

    Far into the depths of the unknown,
    we crash to see the inevitable,
    yet we deny it's existence,
    Fear blocks progress,
    but it will continue,
    with or without our presence.

    Impulses, creators of reason itself,
    emotions deny quantification.

    Wondering static, silence speaks by itself,
    we don't know how will it end,
    but the ignition is within our hands.

    Take me in to the eternal spiral,
    the endless paradox overtakes us,
    flowing through the infinite,
    we collide.

    flowing through the infinite,
    we collide.


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