The WAN Show: AMD Mantle & Nvidia G-SYNC, Trouble for Android, and GUEST Corsair George Oct 25, 2013


by LinusTechTips

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4:04 Quantum mechanics comes to Minecraft
8:03 Playstation 4 will cost $1,800 in Brazil
16:00 Apple's October 2013 event analysis
21:54 Twitter Blitz (Twitter Q&A)
27:26 Special Guest George Makris (George from Corsair) joins
31:32 Guest Topic: Difficulties bringing The Corsair 800D to market
33:44 Guest Topic: The Corsair 900D
38:31 George rejoins and Corsair mission statement
40:40 Guest Topic: Next Gen computing on 20nm
43:30 Guest Topic: PC component manufacturing
49:47 Guest Topic: Infinity Ward Developer says Call of Duty Players are not "gamers"
55:19 Guest Topic: Battlefield 4 loves high speed memory/ high-performance RAM discussion
1:01:19 Messing around: Toothpaste unboxing
1:02:51 Twitter blitz with George
1:11:51 Google's iron grip on Android
1:26:32 New Forum Theme!
1:27:43 Mantle vs G-sync
1:41:23 Linus and Luke's (Slick's) take on AMD R9 290X
1:52:18 R9 290X Twitter Blitz
2:02:25 "Stop Watching Us" rally against the NSA
2:04:23 Iphone 5C/5S touchscreens are inaccurate
2:06:13 Apples patent on touch typing, multi-touch upheld. Possible banning of most Android phones?
2:10:52 Elon Musk calls out Hydrogen cars