How To Boost Traffic & Sales Instantly Using "Social Media" Lists (100% Automated & FREE)

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James Scholes
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Hey guys,

Today I'm going to show you something I've been doing now for over a year now which has resulted in me getting MORE exposure, MORE traffic and of course... MORE sales and commissions :)

Now what I'm about to show you only takes seconds to setup but once you've done the work... It runs completely automated - and like I said - this has resulted in more website traffic and sales with no additional effort required.

Now how I did it simply using social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Google+ and Twitter and simply connected up the sites within their own account settings so when I posted at one site... It gets syndicated to all the other sites too, therefore increasing exposure to my internet marketing offers to other people who hang about on these social networking sites who would not otherwise get my message, blogpost, video etc.

Now you don't have to put in any work to build these up. All you do is create these properties - which are free might I add - then people will choose how they want to get and consume your information online.

Because believe it or not... Not everyone reads their emails. In fact, email is now considered quite old fashioned - especially to the younger generation who don't really read their emails as much as they would read on Facebook and Twitter etc.

So this is why you should be doing this as it'll open up your marketing to more people that will result in more exposure to people who would not otherwise get your marketing message.

Also, it, it opens up viral marketing as it allows people on these social networking sites to share your content. So for example, when you post a video to Youtube, and it gets syndicated automatically to Facebook (plus other sites as well) and if someone sees it, and enjoys your video... They will Facebook "Like" it and share it with their friends therefore giving your video even more exposure as it would be on that person's Facebook feed.

Now there is one secret to making this work, and that is... You must pump out CONSISTENT and AWESOME content - otherwise people will not want to follow you on Twitter or become a fan on your Facebook Fanpage etc.

Now when I say "awesome" content, you don't have to give away the farm so to speak - just content people want to consume. Now me personally, I like to make "how to" guides but that doesn't mean you have to make your videos like that. You could just have a video blog where you're just sharing cool stuff or telling people what you're upto.

Just bare in mind the kind of content you pump out will dictate the kind of followers and subscribers you'll get so keep that in mind.

You can read more about this on my Blog here: