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    Jimmy Kimmel's Kids Table leaves China butthurt

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    An episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live that aired on October 16 has quite a few Chinese and Chinese-Americans butthurt after a satirical sketch called "Kids Table" had the idea that the US get rid of all people in China.

    As the government shutdown came to an end last week, Kimmel introduced "Kids Table" for the first time. The sketch starts out with a discussion on how to properly spell Barack Obama's name before moving on to the government shutdown.

    The segment then moves on to talk about the money that the US owes China. That's when 6-year-old Braxton suggests that the US "kill everyone in China" to solve the problem. Kimmel then replies, "that's an interesting idea," and then continues on with the comedic sketch.

    Clearly the segment was just a joke and obviously Jimmy Kimmel is not promoting genocide, but the Chinese don't seem to be laughing. Some articles have said that Asian-Americans are outraged, but it's more like only Chinese-Americans. Most Asian-Americans and Americans could care less about the sketch. Most Chinese living in China don't care about the sketch because they don't get Jimmy Kimmel Live or even know who Jimmy Kimmel is.

    Some Chinese-Americans have created a White House petition whining about Kimmel's decision to air the comment on his show.

    It's interesting that these people are "outraged" by Jimmy Kimmel and some cute kids just making a joke about killing Chinese people, while the Chinese government has actively been practicing genocide on its own people for centuries. Where's all the outrage for these REAL crimes?

    The CCP and media in China need stories like Kimmel's to take the attention off of themselves and their very real ineptitude. When is China going to grow up?


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