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    TV9 News: Madikeri: Rare White Cobra Found in Gonikoppal

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    TV9 News: Madikeri: Rare White Cobra Found in Gonikoppal...,
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    Madikeri: Cobras are normally black or grey coloured. Not many people are aware that the white cobras also exist.

    The latter are said to be more venomous. They usually move around in pairs. The mates being very possessive of each other, any threat to either can prove deadly, with the other going on a vicious revenge attack.

    There are myths around the white cobras. Even seeing one in the dreams is regarded as an ill omen. In this background, when a white cobra made its appearance in the middle of Gonikoppal town in southern Kodagu at the end of last week created quite a bit of sensation and fear as well.

    Many residents thought that it was a sign of bad luck for the town, believed to bring about disasters. But those with a scientific bent of mind said that it was a sign that there were a lot of more things to learn. At least the public were now aware that such a species existed, they added.

    About six feet in length, the white cobra came out of a bush near the old post office and tried to enter a house nearby. Crowds started gathering and there was every chance of its causing harm to those around in an act of self-defence. 'Snake' Sharat, an expert in catching reptiles, was informed. He arrived in some time and with the help of his friend Shaji, caught the cobra.

    People around vied with each other in clicking photographs on their digital cameras and mobiles before it was caught. Sharat told our correspondent that it was a rare breed. He said that he would hold it captive for two days. If the Mysore zoo was interested in taking possession of it, it would be handed over to them. Otherwise, he would set it free in a nearby forest, he further said.

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