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    Pixar Cars2, Petey Pacer Video re-enactment of the Oil Rig Scene and more


    by ianmacdon

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    Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan presents
    In today's video, we introduce another of the Lemons from Disney's Pixar Cars2. Say hello to Petey Pacer ..
    Petey Pacer is a blue AMC Pacer member of the Lemons criminal organization. He can be recognized as one of the cars equipped with flamethrowers who attack Finn McMissile on the oil rigs' helipad. He possibly also is one of the Pacers commanded by Acer who try to capture Mater at Tokyo.
    We did a small re-enactment scene of Finn McMissile being trapped on top of the oil rig, and also used night vision.
    We hope you like it , please send a comment and have a great day.