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    Global Warming- Brokaw 1 of 5


    by CindyPDX

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    (refering to CO2) "When temperatures go down there is less"

    Not. Imagine all we produce by having to heat our homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, government buildings, etc from temps as low as -40 below zero to the recommended 68. Imagine how much CO2 is produced due to having to clear vast numbers of parking lots, runways, city streets, rural roads, highways and interstates every time it snows, plus having to spread tons of sand and salt. Global warming would actually prevent CO2.
    CO2 amounts are still climbing and the last 10 years have been colder. The last time that happened we were going into a cold period and last year was the 11th coldest in Iowa since they started keeping track.
    By 4TimesAYear7 years ago